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Greener Pastures

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Greener Pastures

We have been blessed with many special individuals who now grace greener pastures. Their immortality speaks through descendants, relatives and vivid memories. Request a video from us to see their relatives. Forgive these photos which do not begin to do justice to these beautiful broodmares.

Bint El Hadiyi by El Hadiyi out of Saklawiah Jedraniah
February 11, 1973 ~ November 11, 1997

Bint El Hadiyi photo  Bint El Hadiyi and Ravenwood Hadiyi photo
Bint El Hadiyi and her colt, Ravenwood Hadiyi, by RG Al Mone

*Bint Akhtal EAO by Akhtal out of *Haala/Hala
July 26, 1976 ~ April 22, 1998
  *Bint Akhtal  *Bint Akhtal and Ravenwood Molly
*Bint Akhtal and her filly, Ravenwood Molly, by RG Alcibay

Bint Shar Gemla -black mare - 128059
Serhabbas out of Shar Gemla
May 27, 1975 to July 15, 1998
Dam of 13 foals
I have a son and 3 daughters

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