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Foaling has begun!

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2013 rainbow foals

color colt filly sire dam comment birthday
Black SE colt   Qahtahn Ravenwood Crystal a Qahtahn look alike -lost his mama when he was 6 weeks old, but he is doing well and loving life again 4/12/2013
Chestnut SE colt   Ravenwood Majesty Ravenwood Santaana big leggy chestnut colt - loves people and will be good at what he does 5/1/2013
Bay   SE filly Ravenwood Majesty Ravenwood Bahiya another super filly like Bahiya just wants to keep on producing 5/3/2013
Palomino 63/64 Arabian colt   DG Mones Vision Ravenwood Gold Prize this colt is gorgeous and loves everyone so much - exotic head and all to go with it 5/14/2013
Chestnut/roan   SE filly Ravenwood Sir Cody Ravenwood Alsana super friendly and will be dark chestnut with roaning - pretty pretty girl 5/23/2013
Chestnut   SE filly Ravenwood Exotic Ravenwood Khalove gorgeous headed filly - can she move!! Will be liver/flaxen to boot 5/24/2013
Black   SE filly Ravenwood Majesty Ravenwood My Memoree such a pretty girl - loves to show off and when she moves you get goose bumps watching 5/25/2013
Chestnut   SE filly DG Mones Vision Ravenwood Freya smooth bodied - pretty head - quite the lovely girl 5/25/2013
Bay SE colt   Ravenwood Majesty Ravenwood Easter this guy thinks the world was put here for his benefit. He is pretty headed and a has tons of that Majesty body 5/27/2013
Black SE colt   Qahtahn Ravenwood Cassara this cross never goes wrong - Cassara makes those big lovely foals with Qahtahn - this is another 5/27/2013
Bay SE colt   Ravenwood Majesty Ravenwood Our Desire first foal for this mare and she did not disappoint - he is a really nice boy 5/27/2013
Chestnut SE colt   DG Mones Vision Ever Egypt she did it again - really beautiful colt that has it all 6/15/2013
Black SE colt   Qahtahn Ravenwood Sunrise another huge beautiful colt - this girl knows how to make those sire quality boys 6/16/2013
Buckskin and white overo with blue eyes 3/4 Arabian colt   Ravenwood Monee Apache Maid he is a looker and so unusual - think he might be a keeper 6/24/2013
Black SE colt   Ravenwood Al Mone BBT Qaprix mom did not love him so he is a bottle child - and we love him! 7/4/2013
Grey   SE filly Ravenwood Majesty Ravenwood Blessed this is one incredibly lovely girl - big and straight with the MOST exotic head 7/22/2013
Strain color codes
strain unknown Dahman Shahwan Saklawi/ Saklawi Jedran Saklawi Al Abd Abbeyan Om Jurrays Abbeyan Sharraki Mu'niqi Hadruj
Koheilan Rodan Koheilan Ajuz Koheilan Krush Koheilan Jellabi Koheilan Mimreh Hadban Enzahi ©Nile Muse

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