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AK Khaleem
AK Khaleem

Liver chestnut 15-2 HH Straight Egyption, Al Khamsa, Blue List
3/26/82 - 3/2/04

*Ibn Moniet El Nefous
Moniet El Nefous
Moniet El Sharaf
*Rashad Ibn Nazeer
Bint Bint Moniet
*Bint Moniet El Nefous
AK Khaleem 250146
Chestnut stallion 3/26/82 - 3/2/04
*Haala Sultana
El Ameera
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Dahman Shahwan Saklawi/ Saklawi Jedran Abbeyan Om Jurrays Koheilan Rodan Koheilan Krush Koheilan Jellabi Koheilan Mimreh Hadban Enzahi

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